Kirminshah Sage Green & Cream Floral Rug

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This traditional rug reflects classical elegance in super soft B-tron Heatset Olefin fibre. These traditional patterned rugs have been made on state of the art looms in Belgium. With 720,000 Points per SqM, a 14mm thick pile and a weight of 2500grams per SqM this rug is both soft and thick in texture and is one of the highest quality Heatset rugs available on the market today. Designed in sage green with rich cream & golden brown borders and floral designs in many vibrant colours including, black, red & terracotta this rug will look stunning in any home.

  • Material: 100% Heatset B-tron
  • Colours: Sage Green, Cream, Golden Brown, Black & Red
  • Depth: 14mm
  • Rug Backing: Hessian Jute
  • Product Code: 55002-42

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