Super Heavy Duty Rubber Non-Slip Interlocking Matting

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If your looking for the highest quality interlocking matting that can be used in ultra high traffic areas and also in areas where plant and pallet trucks are passing then this is the product for you. Its super pressed heavy duty rubber has a cross bound construction and with a weight of 9.2kg Per SqM this matting will last for 30 years.As can be seen in picture 4 it also has a semi hollow base construction providing a rock solid matting area but with a soft cushioning effect to provide high class anti-fatigue properties.

These mats have:
- Superior interlocking finish for smooth links
- Speckled top to prevent slipping
- Smooth finshes to prevent tripping

They can be used in:
- Workshops
- Garages
- Shops
- Kitchens
- Warehouses
Anywhere that extremely durable anti fatigue matting is required.

This mat is available with:
- No smooth side
- 1 Smooth side
- 2 Smooth sides

  • Material: 100% Highly Durable Flexible Safety Rubber
  • Colours: Black
  • Depth: 9mm
  • Rug Backing: 100% Highly Durable Flexible Safety Rubber
  • Product Code: 2ftx2ftJigsaw

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