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Sheepskin rugs are a statement rug which retains their natural appearance and high quality over a long period of time.


These super soft rugs have an extra long pile to create a dense, lavish rug which will instantly add richness towards the room which you place it.


We provide a deluxe range of first class sheepskin rugs which are the best on the rug market.


Price – The Rug House supplies an elite collection of sheepskin rugs which provides luxury on a budget starting from £54.95 up to £160. Prices range according to size requirements.


Material – Made from 100% polyester fibres which is a natural, fur-like and expensive material which is durable as it retains shape. Polyester rugs have relatively soft fibres which gives is a rich feel with high quality. The glossy faux material can cause the rug to move, therefore anti-slip underlay or non-slip rug control spray may be required to ensure a secured rug. These items are also available at The Rug House.


Colours – The Rug House presents seven different solid colours including red, grey, ivory and black. The popular colours are functional within any decor as the rug will blend in with the interior and colour schemes you have as you aren’t restricted with patterns or mixed shades.


Size – Sheepskin rugs vary in size. Smallest sizes are approx 80cm x 150cm; perfect for smaller rooms. Larger and circular rugs are also available for bigger spaces. The Rug House sheepskin range covers most standard room sizes.


Shape – Rectangular and circular rugs are available within the sheepskin rug range.

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