Rug Size Guide

Ideal Sizes by Room

RoomIdeal SizesHints & Tips
Dining Room 160cm x 230cm 5ft 3" x 7ft 7"
  • It is recommended that the rug be large enough for the table and the chairs
  • For rugs placed under a dining table - allow at least four feet at each side of the table to ensure the chairs can be pushed back without the legs edging off the rug
  • Large circular rugs look great under a round table
  • Look for rugs with a border that will show around the table and chairs
190cm x 280cm 6ft 3" x 9ft 3"
240cm x 330cm 7ft 10" x 10ft 10"
280cm x 365cm 9ft 2" x 12ft
190cm/274cm Dia. 6ft 3"/9ft Diameter
Kitchen 40cm x 60cm 1ft 4" x 2ft
  • Smaller rugs with rubber backs are ideal beside sinks, cookers and workstations
  • Larger rugs are great for the centre of a kitchen
  • Be aware of trip hazards - look for a thin rug
  • Long hall runners are perfect for galley kitchens and floor spaces around a kitchen island
50cm x 80cm 1ft 8" x 2ft 7"
66cm x 110cm 2ft x 3ft 7"
80cm x 160cm 2ft 7" x 5ft 3"
66cm x 220cm 2ft 2" x 7ft 3"
Fireplace 68cm x 110cm 2ft 3" x 3ft 7"
  • 5ft x 3ft is an ideal size for in front of a fireplace in a smaller sitting room or study
  • 4ft x 6ft is the ideal size for in front of a fireplace in a larger room or where you wish the rug to extend from the fireplace to between the sofas and chairs
80cm x 150cm 2ft 7" x 4ft 11"
120cm x 160cm 3ft 11" x 5ft 3"
Sitting Room 120cm x 170cm 3ft 11" x 5ft 7"
  • Decide if you would like one large room filler rug to create impact or several smaller rugs to add cosiness and create functional areas in the room
  • Leave at least one foot of floor showing around the rug to highlight the flooring and the rug, this will also make the room appear larger
  • If the rug is placed under a coffee table then all the legs of the table should fit on the rug
  • It is fine to have the front two legs of a sofa/armchair on the rug and the back to legs off the rug as long as the chair is balanced (try placing coasters under the back legs to steady the chair and protect the floor)
  • A rug should be in proportion to the furnishings surrounding it - the most effective way of accenting the furniture and the rug is to leave some floor space between the two
160cm x 230cm 5ft 3" x 7ft 7"
190cm x 280cm 6ft 3" x 9ft 3"
240cm x 330cm 7ft 10" x 10ft 10"
280cm x 365cm 9ft 2" x 12ft
Bedroom 68cm x 110cm 2ft 3" x 3ft 7"
  • Small rugs or runners are ideal for each side of the bed including the bottom of the bed
  • One larger rug (e.g. 4ft x 6ft) will really set off the floor space in your bedroom and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom
  • If you decide to place a rug under the bed measure the width and length of the bed, then allow at least 15inches to the sides and the foot of the bed
60cm x180cm 2ft x 6ft
80cm x 150cm 2ft 7" x 4ft 11"
120cm x 160cm 3ft 11" x 5ft 3"
Stairs 60cm Wide 2ft Wide
  • To measure the length of stair carpet, measure the width of the step front to back (normally around 9") and the height of the riser (typically around 7"). Don't forget the top and bottom risers. A typical 13 step staircase would require 18ft (5.5metres) allowing a little extra. *This information is merely a guide and in no way can be assumed to apply to all staircases.
  • Don’t forget to consider whether you would like the entire step covered or if you like to leave some of the floor underneath showing (4" to 6" exposed on either side of the stair runner is standard for most stair cases)
67cm Wide 2ft 2" Wide
70cm Wide 2ft 4" Wide
80cm Wide 2ft 7" Wide
90cm Wide 3ft Wide
Office 90cm x 150cm 3ft x 4ft 11"
  • Rubber edged barrier mats are ideal for underneath office chairs as they tolerate a lot of movement and are very easily cleaned - they also have a flat carpet pile allowing chair wheels to roll freely
  • 3ft x 5ft is sufficient for most single chairs and home offices
  • 4ft x 6ft is the ideal size for a larger office, perhaps where a chair will be moving from one desk to another
120cm x 180cm 3ft 11" x 5ft 11"

Tips for Measuring

  • Measure the size of the entire room (twice) so as you can immediately eliminate some of the unsuitable sizes
  • Decide on the area of the floor you would like to cover (i.e. in front of the fireplace, between two sofas, centre of the hallway, side of the bed or the entire room)
  • Measure the broadest points of this area and find the closest standard rug sizes available to your measurement and;
  • Lastly use a folded sheet or a few old newspapers arranged together to get a physical feel for the size of your chosen rug on the floor or alternatively mark out the edges with masking tape and leave it for a few days to see how that size works for you.
  • Hint - If you decide to cover the entire floor with a new rug consider leaving a 12"to 15" border of floor exposed at each end to highlight your new rug and stop it looking like carpet

Sizes and Relevant Uses

MetricImperialSuitable Uses
40cm x 60cm / 50cm x 80cm 1ft 4" x 2ft / 1ft 8" x 2ft 7" Doormat; Kitchen Sink Mat; Cooker Mat; Bath Mat-Shower Side Rug; Bedside Mat
60cm x 90cm / 66cm x 110cm 2ft x 3ft / 2ft 2" x 3ft 7" Doormat; Small Hall Mat; Bedroom Rug; Bathroom Rug; Sink Rug; Kids Rug
70cm x 140cm / 80cm x 120cm 2ft 3" x 4ft 3" / 2ft 7" x 3ft 11" Fireside Rug; Bedside Rug; Nursery Rug; Hallway Rug; Behind a Sofa
80cm x 150cm 2ft 7" x 4ft 11" Hearth Rug; Bedroom Rug; Childs Room Rug; Under a Small Coffee Table
120cm x 170cm 3ft 11" x 5ft 7" Large Fireplace Rug; -Under a Medium Size Coffee Table; Large Bedroom Rug
160cm x 230cm 5ft 3" x 7ft 6" Under a Large Coffee Table; Centre of Sitting Room; Under Office Desk
190cm x 280cm 6ft 3" x 9ft 3" Centre of Large Living Room; Under a Standard Size Dining Table
240cm x 330cm 7ft 10" x 10ft 10" Standard Room Filling Rug; Under a Large Dining Table
280cm x 365cm 9ft 2" x 12ft Large Room Filling Rug; Under an Extra Large Dining Table
66cm x 220cm 2ft 2" x 7ft 3" Shorter Hallways; Bedside; Galley Kitchen; Front of French Doors
70cm x 340cm 2ft 4" x 11ft x 2" Long Hallways; Long Galley Kitchen
Circle Rugs 4ft - 9ft Diameter Centre of a Circular Hallway Table or Dining Table; Centre of Living Room
Oval Rugs 3ft x 5ft - 6ft x 9ft Centre of an Oval Dinging Table
Half-Moon Rug 3ft x 5ft Fireside; Doormat; Sink Rug

Size Search Guide

Small Rugs 40cm x 60cm - 100cm x 150cm 1ft 4" x 2ft - 3ft 3" x 4ft 11"
Medium Rugs 100cm x 200cm - 140cm x 200cm 3ft 3" x 6ft 7" - 4ft 7" x 6ft 7"
Large Rugs 150cm x 210cm - 170cm x 240cm 4ft 11" x 6ft 11" - 5ft 7"x 7ft 10"
Extra Large Rugs 180cm x 250cm - 200cm x 300cm 5ft 11" x 8ft 2" - 6ft 7"x 9ft 10"
XXL Rugs 240cm x 330cm - 280cm x 365cm 7ft 10" x 10ft 10" - 9ft 2" x 11ft 12"
Hall Runner Rugs 60cm x 220cm - 80cm x 320cm 2ft x 7ft 3" - 2ft 7" x 10ft 6"
Circle/Oval Rugs 120cm - 190cm Diameter 3ft 11" - 6ft 3" Diameter