Ultra Durable Red Outdoor Indoor Rubber Mats

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These hardwearing dirtscraper mats can be used both indoors and outdoors and are for medium to heavy traffic areas. They are made from 100% PVC with a coil design pile and non-slip backing. These mats will gather dirt and dust from your footwear but release water making them the perfect solution for any outdoor area. They are also perfect for garages, shops and offices that are experiencing a high volume of traffic or are near areas with a lot of dirt and dust as these mats are extremely hardwearing, have a pile specially designed to scrape dirt from footwear. They can also be power hosed and will dry within a couple of hours.

  • Material: 100% PVC
  • Colours: Red
  • Depth: 6mm
  • Rug Backing: Anti-slip PVC
  • Design Code: Spaghetti Red

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