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Bath Mats


Bath mats provide that added softness towards a bathroom as they offer a nice, luxurious feeling when you step out of the shower or bath. Avoid trips or falls within your bathroom with a non-slip bath mat which reduces slippery, wet flooring. Whether you want to introduce some bright colour or patterns or keep it clean and simple, The Rug House has the right bath mat for you. We supply matching bath mat sets or you can take control and create your very own bat mat set to suit your decor. Price – Bath mats cost very little and come with many benefits. You can purchase a bath mat from The Rug House today for just £6.26. Bath mat sets include a rectangular small rug and pedestal mat which is available for under £20. Material – Most of our bath mats are made from acrylic, cotton or synthetic fibres. These materials are strong and durable as they can absorb moisture and are machine washable. The Rug House bath mats appear shaggy, offering comfort. We also have a bobble range which offers a thicker pile. Our bath mats come with non-slip rubber backings so the rug stays in place and is safe. Colour – Luxury bath mats can be bold in colour, striped, patterned or neutral. Colourful options are available for those who wish to add a splash of colour. Neutrals such as beige or ivory colours are supplied for those customers seeking a clean, fresh look. Size – Sizes range according to the brand. Many small bath mats and bath mat sets are available. Some collections are sold separately were sizes are displayed. In order to refine your rug search please use the search system located at the top of the screen. Here the size, price, colour, material, style and shape can be determined, locating the perfect bath mat for you.
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