During the holiday season accidents can happen such as spillages on your brand new rug. removing red wine stains


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OH NO! Not My New Rug!

30/07/2013 03:49

Help keep your new rug looking like new with the help of advice from the Rug House on how to clean your rug after your pet has had an accident.  

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The Rug Care Guide

01/05/2013 22:34

The Rug House offers their customers a new rug guide chart to better help them care for their new rug.  

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Looking after your Rug

31/08/2012 12:16

rug cleaning
One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is how to look after their rugs! After spending both time and money trying to find the perfect rug it is important to look after it! Rugs should be seen and treated as an investment.

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modern rugs

If you have a room in your home that feels unfinished or just needs to feel a bit more special, the best way to accomplish this is by using designer modern rugs in those rooms to fill them out and make them feel special.

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Making the laundry room safe

13/02/2012 13:23

There are many reasons to want to put
rugs in your home, but one of the most common you will hear is that they are a great way to make your home safe.

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Tips for cleaning mats

10/02/2012 13:22

clean rug tips
Mats are a great way to keep your home clean but what happens when you need to clean them.

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Caring For Your New Rug

06/09/2011 09:59

rug care

You have spent time and money looking for a rug you-want to keep it as long as possible. Rug materials can vary greatly - depending on the material you need to take special care when cleaning to prevent damage.  You will find the sisal rugs withstand in a heavy traffic area. To make a rug last it needs to be treated well.
 Care must be taken when cleaning to prevent damage. Here are some basic tips for taking care of your rug:

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Water Damage On Your Rug

11/04/2011 16:20

Oriental rugs cleaning

Caring For Your Rug – Water Damage

Most varieties of Oriental rugs have a wool pile but many have a warp and weft made of cotton. The warp is the foundation upon which knots are tied to in order top create the pile. The weft runs over & under the warp strings between rows of knots to strengthen the rug side to side.

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