Why Buy a Rug?

The benefits of rugs are endless but the article below outlines some of the main reasons why purchasing a rug may be the right decision for you…

Comforting Feeling – A thick soft dense rug adds a feeling of warmth and softness to any floor but particularly hard wood and tile floors on cold winter days. Hardwood and laminate floors are great flooring products but unlike rugs they can be cold and uninviting. Rugs are perfect for those of you who like to walk around barefoot and like a cosy feeling for your floors.

Adaptability–rugs can fulfil many different purposes from helping to bring together a décor scheme to dividing the areas in an open plan home or room. Unlike hard floors and carpets rugs can be repositioned in seconds and can be recycled to different areas in your home and garage. A rug is a great investment as it can be taken with you if you move which is a great advantage for people who rent. 

Beauty – Rugs can be a great expression of individualism and a way to add personality to your home or office. A rug can add an instant injection of colour and artistry to a room or can bring together a calm and serene décor. A rug can help characterise the ambience of a room, as the choice of colours, textures and designs is limitless. Rugs are a type of art that is growing in popularity.

Reducing Sound – Modern day homes generally prefer hard tile and wood floors which look great but can be very noisy resounding footsteps, audio noise and voices throughout a house or building. Believe it or not a rug can help reduce the noise by absorbing the noise and dulling the echo in a home or office. Area Rugs are also great for timber-framed buildings as the noise levels between floors can be deafening but a rug can help reduce the resonation of this noise between floor levels. 

Safety – Rubber back non slip rugs and anti slip fleece padding and sprays for Hessian backed rugs make rugs a safe floor covering that helps protect against injury if someone falls on a hard floor, particularly important were there are children and elderly. Floor rugs are also great for protecting floors from furniture moving and this is why a rug is often placed under a dining table or sofa.
Choosing a rug

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