Traditional Rugs are often the focal point of a room and can be a great conversation starter if the right rug is chosen. Like striking pieces of art it is not uncommon to hear people design their whole room around an audacious modern rug. Traditional rugs with their timeless elegance and classic charm will always have a place in interior design but they aren’t right for every interior.

While statement rugs are quite often large rugs 8ft x 5ft and larger, this does not always have to be the case. Traditional rugs come in a variety of different sizes from the standard small rug size of 5ft x 3ft to ballroom size huge rugs. Smaller sized traditional rugs are perfect for adding a little spice to your room or highlighting a feature such as a white fireplace. While most standard rugs are rectangle in shape, traditional rugs are available in a wide selection of shapes including circles, hexagons, ovals and the crazy irregular shapes seen in many art galleries. Think of the room and the space in the room were you want the rug to go, what can it take? What are the surrounding features? Making the right choice will result in a striking rug that should last years but picking the wrong rug could be disastrous throwing the whole balance of the room off kilter.

Traditional Rugs today are made in a wide range of materials ranging from the thickest wool rug to the most economical man-made polypropylene rugs. Good quality traditional rugs are fashionable and in many cases collectable making them a good investment for the conscientious homeowner. Contemporary rugs can often be spotted from their names alones, fashionable names such as Calais, Toscana, Keshana, Solar, Nuance, Samba, Versaille, Soho, Lumina, El Dorado and Shiraz. For further product information see our traditional rugs page.

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