Not a day goes by that the Royal Family aren’t on the T.V, on the radio and in our papers and magazines. This year more than ever is the year for Britain with the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee and the up and coming Olympic events! Princess Catherine daily hits the headlines for her immaculate style closely followed by the Queen herself! But the question I want to ask you is how do we get the Royal glamour in our homes?!

We are constantly bombarded with hints and tips on how to look like a Princess but how do we get this Royal touch in our homes? Simply, an expensive rug can do just this. A luxurious  rug can transform any home into a palace!
 The options are endless on what type of rug to chose. Silk rugs are a popular choice for the Royals. For the Jubilee celebrations handmade silk rugs were seen on the barge that the Queen travelled in. This rug was a beautiful Royal Blue with gold design. Royal blue and crimson red are two colours that will never date and can look beautiful in any home.
Other options include thick carved rugs or a thick shaggy rug. When picking a rug two of the most important things to look at are colour and thickness. Rich colours and a thick rug will often look the best.

If you spend money on an expensive rug it is important to look after it, consider sun damage particularly if it is a silk rug. A silk rug is best kept out of direct sun light, if a rug must be in the sun make sure to rotate to reduce exposure to the sun. Also consider the room that the rug is going in. If the rug is going to be in a well used room such as the living room or dining room (and why shouldn’t it be, don’t just keep the expensive for good occasions, live like the Royals and enjoy your new rug every day!) consider the foot fall that will be on it. If you have a dog or even a young child consider how the rug will be cleaned. While there are machine washable rugs available, for the more expensive rug the fabrics are often hand woven and fragile so these can’t be machine washed. Often the best thing is a damp cloth to remove stains or a brush to take off animal hairs. If you look after your rug you will have it for years. Expensive rugs were traditionally given as wedding presents and then passed down throughout the family!

The great thing about a dearer rug is that it can be the centre piece to the room, it will do all the talking! The rest of the room can be kept very plain, in fact the plainer the better to really show off the rug! A few cushions or a throw over the sofa and a few dim lights or candles are really all that you will need to complete the Royal look in a room.
So while we all may not have the fortune of leading a life style like Princess Catherine there is no reason that we can’t add a Royal touch to our homes and experience a little glamour every day with an expensive rug!

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