Springtime: Lambs, Chicks, Brighter Days and Oh… Spring cleaning!!!! 

At this time of the year we start thinking about cleaning the house and clear outs. It’s also a good time for cleaning and caring for your rugs.  Simple changes will have a vivid effect on the appearance of you home and the way you feel when you’re at home.

Why not try rearranging your furniture. It can give your room a whole new outlook and make the room appear bigger. If you have limited space a mirror can create the illusion of more space. Try moving your furniture to different angles. In your living room why not move your coffee table onto a rug in the middle to create a nice centrepiece.  The result- an instant makeover!!!

This is a good time to reassess what you really need and want to keep. If you don’t like something and it is not meaningful then remove it. This can have a beneficial effect on your attitude making you relaxed in your newly organised home. If you have a dull boring rug in your bedroom it will be one of the first things you will see when you wake up making you feel dreary for the rest of the day. Why not get a bright fluffy rug that will make you smile first thing to set your day as you mean to go on!

If you have a rug that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside then it’s time to take care of it. This will keep your rug looking its best for years. Here are a few tips from our rug care guide:

o    Avoid direct exposure to sun
o    Clean spills immediately 
o    Gently hoover to get rid of loose dirt
o    Avoid walking on it with noticeably dirty shoes
o    Adhere to manufacturer instructions

With all that removing you may find you have some newly acquired space. This is the perfect opportunity to get a rug that fits in with your life and décor.  Here a quick guide to help you decide which rug suits you:

    What do you want your rug to do?
o    For busy living areas you will need a rug that won’t show wear and tear- Patterned ones withstand longer.
o    If it will be a focal point you will need to think about colour, shape, pattern and thickness.
o    It is essential you know the size you want- a larger rug will be needed if you want to protect your floors or maybe you just want to keep your feet cosy then a smaller one would suffice.
o    If you are putting your rug underneath furniture then it should be longer and wider than the object.
o    Think of your décor a rug should complement this. Lighter colours will give the illusion of more space and dark make it cosier.
o    The texture and material of your rug will depend on your preference. A leather rug may give a modern twist whereas sheepskin will be snug and warm.

Remember if you have something you don’t like make throwing it out the last option try to give it to someone maybe a family member, charity shop or even have a car boot sale with your newly acquired ‘junk’.  One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure! For more rug styles, colours, shapes and sizes check out our range of rugs for sale.


Rug cleaning

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