Sheepskin style rugs are soft and luscious with vivid colouring these are the perfect rugs for tired feet. They are now commonly made from synthetic materials, which give you all the comforting benefits of the real thing but with practicalman-made fibres. elements of

Sheepskin rugs are generally super soft and thick and great to lie on!! Sheepskin style rugs also make a nice soft landing for your feet on those cold mornings when you just hate the thought of getting out of bed. Synthetic sheepskin rugs are normally machine washable and will often have a non-slip rubber backing. Real sheepskin rugs will feel incredibly soft and are less likely too shed but they will require more maintenance. 

Sheepskin rugs are now available to purchase online in a wide range of bold colours including Barbie Pink, Bright Orange, Deep Ruby, and burgundy together with the more traditional colours of ivory brown and cream. And are also available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes including half-moons and circles. 

New sheepskin styles rugs should be vacuumed regularly as they tend to shed in the first few weeks and regular vacuuming should solve this problem. Most sheepskin rugs are also washable rugs, check the product description and also put any wash on a wool setting without doing any harm to the fibres of the rug.

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