Shaggy rugs are as popular today as they were in the 1980’s because they come in every colour imaginable from modern designs, plain colours, extra thick, and extra thin. Shaggy rugs will breathe new life into any room. They offer quality and versatility. Just imagine your toes on a heavy shaggy rug with the feeling of walking on clouds.

Shaggy rugs also have a soft and sturdy shaggy pile and make a room feel cosy and comfortable.  Bold colours like tealgrey and terracotta will make your room feel cosy and inviting.  Soft colours like cream, lime green, or rose pink will make your room feel open and airy. Shaggy rugs are irresistible and can be used in any room in the house.   With a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics available for purchase online there should be shaggy rugs available to suit every taste and budget. blue, charcoal

Caring for your shaggy rugs is more difficult than looking after rugs with a shorter pile. Shaggy rugs should be hoovered twice a week if possible; this will keep it looking good. Sweep large rugs with a bristle brush, the bristles will help force the dirt out. Shaggy rugs can be taken outside and put on a clothes line and then use a beater to remove the dirt from them.

Removing stains from shaggy rugs. 
Pat the stain vigorously with a damp cloth; rinse out often remembering to pull up the carpet fibres to remove any stain that is still holding to the rug.  Occasionally clean using a steam cleaning machine which can be rented out or use a reputable professional cleaner. Regular cleaning and good rug care will ensure that your  shaggy rugs remains in good condition and has a useful life span.

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Shaggy rugs