No longer is the trend for homes to have wall to wall carpeting in them anymore. While many people still find the look to be appealing, it seems that more home owners today are opting for hard wood flooring over just about every other option available. With the choice of hard wood also comes the draw backs that many home owners soon realise. These hard wood floors, while being very attractive, are just what they say they are-HARD, and cold once the winter months stumble upon us.

So what you might say would give the home owner the option to keep their beautiful hard wood floors and regain the warmth and comfort that comes with wall to wall carpeting. The option would definitely be area rugs. Rugs are the ideal way to not only warm up the floors beneath your feet, but make a colourful statement in the room as well. Rugs have long been considered by many interior designers as the central position for decorating ones home around, and there are many advantages to home decorating with an area rug. They are also perfect for the winter months because of their ability to absorb the heat that is generated within the home from the fireplace or heating furnace making them more than just an aesthetic interest in the room.

warm rugs