A simple guide to removing all kinds of stains from your rug. There is no special cleaning agents or preparation required so whether its a large bowl of pasta or a bottle of red too many have a quick read of this guide and your rug will stay looking better for longer and make you look a domestic professional.

1.    Immediately blot up as much of the liquid stain as possible using a soft, white, absorbent material like a towel or napkin. Though most of the rugs produced today are treated with stain-resistant rug treatments, no rug can be said to be completely stain-proof. The longer the stain remains in the carpet, the more permanently it sets into it. 

2.    Scrape away the solid or semi-solid stain using a blunt spatula or spoon. Never use a knife, as its sharp edges could harm the pile fibres. 

3.    Never scrub or brush a stain; scrubbing can harm the fibres and have the adverse reaction of making the stain set in to the carpet or rug. 

4.    Vacuum away as much of the solid stain as possible. 

5.    Pre-test the spot removal agent on an inconspicuous area of the rug. Follow the instructions carefully. Apply a few drops to each colour in the rug. Press a clean, white towel or napkin lightly over it for approximately 30 seconds. Check both the towel (and napkin) and the rug for colour transfer, colour change or any other damage. Try another spot removal if you notice any change. 

6.    To clean the spot, apply a small amount of spot removal agent to the soft, white, absorbent material and gently apply to the stain working from the edges towards the centre of the spot to prevent it from spreading. Continue as long as the stain is getting transferred onto the towel. Apply more solution to a fresh area on the towel and repeat the process as long as the stain is being removed. Patience is a virtue as far as this step is concerned! 

7.    In cases where you need to apply more than one spot removal agent in a sequence, continue applying the first spot removal agent as long as there is any improvement; then move on to the next one. 

8.    After the spill has been removed completely, rinse out the affected area with water and blot dry to remove the cleaning solution completely as any residue may attract soil and cause damage to the carpet. To effectively blot up the water, you may use clean, dry towels weighed down by flat, heavy objects like a book; keep changing the towel as they become saturated.

Do not over wet the affected area as this may cause damage to the rug.


rug stain

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