This article is Part 1 of my answer to a previous article called Rug Shopping – The Questions. This part deals exclusively with the design aspect of what rug you would like to choose.

Selecting the design of your rugs is a very personal matter for you. What matters most is how it makes you feel when you enter the room or open area in your home. Whether its modern or traditional the best decorating should always reflect the personality of its owner.

In both modern & traditional terms a patterned rug will bring richness and intimacy to larger spaces and can provide an excellent counterbalance to striking pieces of furniture and large open spaces. They will also provide instant personality & character and will draw the eye. This can allow you to create a very definite style that can be imposed upon the whole room. A traditional floral rug for example could conjure up ideas of an English style country garden.

A geometric rug with limited designs and colours will evoke a much more modern feel. Mixing patterns across decors can be complicated and very hard to get right. If décor is related by form but more importantly by texture & colour it will be more likely to look good and succeed in setting the tone you are looking for.

Certain designs of rugs can be used to denote more formal and informal areas of an open plan area. Modern normally denotes a more relaxed area whereas a traditional design can often be used in the dining room. Don’t be afraid to use patterned rugs under the dining table as they will have the added benefit of hiding spills & stains better.

Well hopefully that has helped to form an idea bout the design you are looking for when shopping for a rug. The next part of this series will look at what colours work best to compliment your décor.

choosing a rug

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