Occasionally when you purchase a new rug particularly a shaggy rug or a washable rug it may shed a little of its fibres. This is due to the pile being cut to the required length during production and will appear as fluff on or beside the rug.  This can easily be overcome by vacuuming often when first new, everyday if necessary until the rug settles.

Some rugs particularly wool rugs can fade whilst in use and will depend on the colour of the rugs and also where it is situated.  If a rug is sitting in a room receiving direct sunlight during the day then it may well fade.  In this case it would be best to try and re-position it away from the direct sunlight if possible at least in the summer time when the sun is at its strongest.

Rugs situated underneath tables or other heavy items of furniture such as armchairs can become indented and this may not be easily reversed particularly if they have been in this position for a considerable length of time.  It is best to try and avoid this altogether by putting furniture cups underneath the legs of the furniture.  These cups can be purchased in most hardware stores any in some furniture retailers.

Shading can occur in some rugs, this may be due in part to the rug been flattened brushed or vacuumed in the opposite direction to the natural pile.  This can cause light reflection and will cause the rug to look different depending on which way it is positioned.  This will be more noticeable on a plain coloured rug but can be more easily removed on a patterned rug.  This can be corrected by placing a small amount of water over the affected area then place a small cloth over this and use a warm iron to iron the pile back into the natural direction in which it should lie.

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