large rugs enhances the appearance of a room while also keeping the floor clean. It’s hard to know what size to put into a room- this isn’t a task that should be rushed. Before you start to look at a rug take measurements of the area that you want covered by a rug. A rug that is the wrong size can look awkward.  

So how to choose the ‘right’ size rug? If you are going to put furniture on the rug ensure that it all fits on the rug e.g. all legs of table fit on and all legs of chairs fit on when pulled out. It the rug is too small e.g. that only the table leg fits on the room will look out of proportion.

Don’t have the rug going the whole way to the wall. The basic rule of thumb is to leave around 20 inches between wall and rug.  In a smaller room 8 inches can be acceptable. In the bedroom a rug under the bed should extend 18 inched to look balanced. 

If you are co-ordinating with furniture bring a sample of material e.g. a cushion to match the colour. Place the rug in different positions as in different lights the colour can vary. Also you can brush the material in a different direction to get a slightly different shade. 

The current trend is to put a rug beneath furniture or just in front of a specific piece. It can be a great conversation starter. A large rugs can add a burst of colour in an otherwise neutral room. It can also bring a sense of comfort and warmth to a room rather than just tiled or wooden floors. In an awkward shaped room a circular rug can be a nice touch.

I would recommend a large area rug as an inexpensive way of revamping a room.  Another benefit is that a large rug can cover any stains or wear and tear on carpet. Using a large rug to create a cosy floor is much less expensive than hiring specialist fitters for carpet.  The rug can easily be moved from room to room or just as easily be moved with you if you’re moving houses. I would call it an investment. 

There are a large variety of rugs to choose from with many colours and sizes, so you can decide which rug compliments your home.

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