There are many reasons to want to put rugs in your home, but one of the most common you will hear is that they are a great way to make your home safe. Rugs are great for areas where there is the possibility of getting water down on the floor that could cause slips and falls for young children and older adults because they are more prone to getting serious injuries from these types of falls. One area in your home that you might not consider as a real threat for danger might be the laundry room. But as

I mentioned earlier the rooms in your home where water is used is always going to be prone to these types of slip and fall accidents and as you know when you are washing and prepping your clothes to be washed water can get down on the floor. You can also have some small leaking from your washing machine or wash sink that you are unaware of until it is too late. Rugs are a great way you can secure these types of areas. You can place a rug mat down in front of the wash sink as well as in front of the washer and dryer where you load and unload your clothes from. 

laundry safety rug