One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is how to look after their rugs! After spending both time and money trying to find the perfect rug it is important to look after it! Rugs should be seen and treated as an investment.

When buying a rug there are a few important factors to consider. Particularly, the foot fall the rug will have, what room in the home the rug will be placed and other factors such as pets or children!

Further, when purchasing your rug check the cleaning instructions on the rug as there is a lot of variance between different rugs and to get the best out of your rug the manufacturer's instructions should always be followed.

Some rugs are machine washable, this is an added bonus to any rug particularly if there are any children or pets in the home! However, it is essential to follow the temperature instructions as a machine washable rug will be ruined if washed at the wrong temperature. As a general rule of thumb we would advise a 30 degree cool wash. It is also advisable to remember that while rugs might say machine washable they are not intended to be washed every week. Generally a rug should not be washed any more than once every 6 weeks.

For the majority of rugs that are not machine washable the best way to clean is with a cloth and warm soapy water. There are many carpet cleaners and shampoos available however it is always best to patch test these as rugs are a lot more delicate than the carpets they are intended for.

For taking hairs or crumbs of rugs the easiest thing is to vacuum. With a delicate rug such as a silk rug the small nozzle of the hoover is most effective as this will not catch as easily on any threads. For shaggy rugs vigorously hoovering the pile is most effective.

Another quick way to freshen up your rug is to hang it on the washing line outdoors for a few hours. However this should not be done on a sunny day as sun exposure will fade the design on the rug.

Sun exposure is one of the main things that can damage rugs. To avoid sun damage rotate your rugs as often as possible as this means the rug will fade evenly.

Another common problem that customer's ask us about is the corners of a new rug curling or having creases throughout. If this is the case with your rug simply roll the rug up carpet side facing out and place whereever there is heat for example in a hot press or under a radiator for 2-3 days. When the rug is rolled out again it should lay flat with no creases.

If you look after your rug it should last year after year! See a rug as an investment in your home!

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