In financially uncertain times such as these affordability is a key concern. Affordability encompasses several meanings, for most people affordability is synonymous with cheap but this is not always the case. Affordability is more about what you are willing to pay for a rug and regardless of income people have varying amounts that they are willing to pay for a particular rug. Affordability does not mean a sacrifice of quality if you know where to look and what to look for you can find great quality cheap rugs.

Knowing what you want and how much you want to spend for a rug in advance is key to finding the perfect inexpensiverug for you. The material the rug is made from is often the defining factor in the cost. Limiting yourself to one rug material particularly wool rugs or genuine silk may make your search for inexpensive rugs more difficult. If you don’t have a preference as to the material then opting for a synthetic textile such as BCF polypropylene will open up a world of choice. 

In recent years modern manufacturing methods has meant that imitations of some of the most expensive materials are produced to look, feel and even smell like the real thing. Among some of the best imitation materials are viscose and flatweave. Viscose rugs are a wonderful replacement for silk, offering the same soft feel and shimmering appearance at a quarter the price. Flatweave polypropylene offers a very realistic alternative for jute and sisal offering the same advantages including durability, strength and colourfastness at a fraction of the cost. It is worth looking at some of these alternatives when searching for your perfect affordable cheap rugs

Similar to high street retailers most online rug retailers hold sales several times a year, look out for these sales or you could even contact the seller and ask if they will be putting the rug in a sale any time soon. Lastly, if your not fussy about size, quality and especially colour there are bargains to be had, take the time to explore online as most retailers stock lower priced ranges were you’re sure to find something to suit.

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