Often it’s hard to know how to decorate your child’s bedroom.

Storage is very important for a child’s room so that they will have enough space to enjoy their bedroom. It’s also easier for you as it will mean less tidying up as your child will know where items belong. So before you start your project assess what you need what you’ll be keeping and anything that can be reused. Wardrobes, boxes and baskets are great solutions. Clear plastic boxes can be made decorative by lining it with colourful material. This is very cheap and can be easily changed when the child bores of it.

Don’t forget to sit down with your child to brainstorm. Encourage them to give you an idea of what they would like colours and maybe TV characters they like. It’s fun to get an old white bed sheet and get the child to draw their ideal room with the colours they want and where they want their furniture. If you have more than one child get them to do one each and when they have finished get them to do one together comprising of all the things they love. This is fun and enjoyable for all ages even into late teens.

Colour plays a huge role in setting the scene of the room. As I’m sure you know only too well how quick a child changes their mind so it’s best to get a sample of the colour they want, paint a small section of the room and leave it there for a day or two to be certain that’s the right colour.

It’s important that the main features in the room stay mainly neutral so that they can be reused again. Wall and floors are probably the cheapest way to give the room a new look. It’s as easy to get a colourful kids rug at a cheap price as it is to buy a tin of paint. The theme of the room will be what makes it come alive. Popular examples are fairies, butterflies, their favourite cartoon character, the jungle and pirates.


Play is very important to your children especially when they’re young. Try to make a room that encourages play. Children learn through play without even knowing it. You will want to make it interactive and stimulating. Consider interactive wallpaper such as letters and numbers or animals and games. Play village mats make a great children’s rug that provides hours of fun.

This can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children get them all involved. Enjoy!!!

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