You can put a cream rug into any room and it will fit in perfectly. The reason for this is that cream will compliment almost any colour.  Can you think of a colour that cream doesn’t go with? Me either. So for me it’s the versatility of a cream area rug also adds to the appeal!!!

Cream rugs are ideal in any room. This gives a deep dark bedroom a soft edge or bringing a warmth and cosiness to a living room. Cream will even compliment other shades such as ivory so hits the mark no matter what the colour scheme. You can add a cream rug to any rug and it will bring the room to life. 

Wood flooring is a perfect setting for a cream rug it’s hard to decide whether it’s the rug that compliments the floor or the floor that compliments the rug. The colour gives the illusion of more space. The rug can be used as a starting point for any room as regardless of the colour you choose it will be perfect.

Cream colours are modern and offer a crisp clean feel. If you have small children or pets that wander  in the home then it would be best to take a shade or two darker as we all know accidents always happen in the places we don’t want them to. 

Cream rugs now come in many modern designs. Many of the interesting design s creates a strong under foot interest. The thick shaggy rug will be alluring on these chilly nights. The attractiveness of cream rugs is that plain or patterned a cream rug is timeless. They are easy-on-the-eye and with the want to be more adventure in home décor a cream rug brings that balance back. 

So soothe your senses and let your worries melt away with a cosy cream rug.

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