Choosing an outdoor rubber rugs can be difficult as you want all the same properties as you would for an indoor one: a defined space, interesting colours, patterns and also make you patio etc. more welcoming. 

As many of us know we have put our ‘outdoor ‘ rug outside and the excitement was short lived. It may have fallen apart or grown mouldy. So here’s how to make a good choice and get more mileage from that outdoor rug. 

Obviously we want our outdoor rubber rugs to last and some rugs are more durable than others. Typically you can expect to get a couple of years from your rug.  They last much longer if they are kept in a covered area and kept clean.

A lot of the time the rug just needs a good shake down and a spot clean- baby wipes are great for this. For more stubborn dirt you may need to hang it up and hose it down and let it dry off completely before putting it back. 

Always check the material the best for an outdoor rug is 100% polypropylene – which is like a rubbery plastic. The label should state that it is weather resistant.

Don’t forget that these rugs can also be used indoors too. You will find that they are usually very affordable leaving them a good choice for indoors especially in a washhouse/backdoors or high traffic areas.

An outdoor rug comes in many shapes and sizes- prepare to be over whelmed!  If using it in an area with tables and chairs make sure all the legs of the chairs are on the rug too. If in doubt go a size up.

Machine made rugs are better for more exposed areas as they are lighter and will dry faster. Hand made are more expensive have a thicker pile but also hold water more easily. 

You would be surprised in the choice of colours and patterns available.

Rugs for outside

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